One day, I was walking outside in my beautiful town of Hico because the beautiful sun brightened the beautiful sky, and the weather was beautiful; not a cloud to be seen. Then, I slipped on something, and I landed on my feet as usual (did that make sense?). I looked behind me, and I saw a note saying:


Whatever you do, do not check your e-mail. It is very dangerous.

Everyone you love will die.


Was this the boy that bullied me? The one that made us target each other?

Despite him being nice to me that one time and giving me a coin he found (I forgot how much it was worth, I know it was made of nickel), I couldn't trust him. I checked my Gmail, and I had an email from a person named "yPoAuPmYuRsUtSpSlKaEyLmEyTgOaNme".

It was a sound file. Here's the transcript of it.

???: Well, Brandon. I see that Andreanna has a crush on you.

What the hell? How does he know my name, and how does he know I have a crush on him?

Brandon: Let me go, please!

???: I am the only one who should be with her. You and all of her crushes shall die!


(A stabbing noise could be heard, as Brandon starts screaming)

???: Brandon Pollard... I knew you would scream like the baby you are.

A voice that sounded like mine: He's not a baby! Let him go!

(A loud bang was heard, like a person hitting a wall)

(More stabbing noises could be heard, and Brandon's screams gets more bloodcurdling, until about the 16th stab, when he stops)

???:If you are hearing this, Andreanna, I'm getting your precious Brant Underwood next.

(Sound file ends)

Again, what the hell? He knows me and all of my friends!

The next day, I was at my school, and I sent an invitation to my remaining crushes (I had a lot, don't judge me; I'm currently undergoing a teenage stage at a young age), and my friend, Piper (Alleva; there are 2 Pipers in my grade; Brandon had more of a crush on her) to my house to speak. We all met inside my room (my brother, too) to talk about Brandon. I asked them who they thought caused his death. Here were the answers:

Beau: Uh, i don't know.

Riley: A Hot Pocket(tm).

Me: Riley, (giggling) let's be serious here.

Riley: If it's not a Hot Pocket(tm), I don't know.


Me: No.

Callaghan: I dunno.

Piper Alleva: Maybe it could be Jaydon Qualls?

Me: PERFECT! Well, the case still isn't closed yet.

My brother, Andrew: Well no crap Sherlock.

Me: Andrew, submit an answer.

Andrew: I have to agree with Piper here.

Isaac, who was at my house, was silent, very unusual of him.

Me: Isaac, please submit an answer.

Isaac: H-He said not to mention his name.

Me: Who is 'he'?

Isaac stood silent.

A few days later, I recieved a CD that said:


Awwh, that was sweet of whoever sent this to me.

I put it into my computer, and it downloaded a program named "A Sonic Version of a Show You Dreamed of Making.exe".

I opened it, and my fan character, Andreanna (inspired by, well, myself), was inside a Sonic title emblem. Instead of the banner reading "SONIC THE HEDGEHOG", it read "ANDREANNA THE PRETTY". When I pressed start, something was wrong. For a split second, something was shown. A skeleton, whom I can't really describe, took her place, and the banner was blank. No words, nothing. This split-second frame was not like Sonic.exe: the water was blue along with the sky, the trees were green, the background was basically normal.

I appeared in a level named "GRASS FIELD, Act 1". The character looked like me. It wore the same clothes as I wore, had the same facial expression as I had, and I even saw her blink the same time as I did. What was different, though, is that I controlled her actions. She moved on a field that looked like Green Hill Zone, except no loops. Text appeared on top, reading "I am making this easy for you." I kept on going, happy about this amazing game.

Or so I thought it was amazing.

The same skeleton that was in the split-second frame appeared in front of this me-looking character. She frowned, and so did I. The screen turned to static for a few seconds, then it cut to a black screen. Then, white text appeared, and a scream that sounded like Brant's played. It was very realistic, like as if it was recorded.

"I got your precious crush."

I was back at Grass Field, but grassy walls surrounded me. They didn't try to crush me, it just stood there. My character was now Brant. The skeleton appeared behind me, and he picked up Brant. He killed him the same way he killed Brandon: stabbing him to death.

This occured with all of my crushes, and soon, it went to all of the boys I have ever known. He even killed the ones I haven't met in a very long time! Then, he killed all the ones I love, and soon, I was lonely. Luckily, he spared the pets I've known. Heck, I got to keep the pets that belonged to the skeleton's victims. My house was full of pets. Cats, dogs, parakeets, you name 'em, I've got 'em. It was a lot of responsibility, though. I even had a backyard full of large (and the ones I say are extra large) dogs and horses.

A few more days later, the only pets I had left were the cats I owned, and my dogs, Max and Lance. I started the computer up to check up on my Roblox friend, MirroredSun. When I did, though, the screen turned black and the power went out. Despite the computer being plugged in to an electrical outlet, it still worked. White text appeared on the screen, making some sort of buzzing sound.

"Hello, Andreanna. I have killed all that you love."

"Don't worry, I decided to be nice and spare your pets."

"It's such a shame that you have no friends in real life; only the ones that are online. Like MirroredSun."

"Oh, I heard you two were online dating, so I killed him, too."

"Oh, Jason. The perfect victim."

I have to say this once more: WHAT THE HELL? He know my online friend's name (I knew his real name too, again, don't judge me)?

"Now, Andreanna, all that's left is you and your 8-bit self."

"It's a shame that I have to get her."

Screaming noises can be heard, with what sounded like repetitive hitting. Then, blood splattered onto the screen. It wasn't realistic. The blood then disappeared, and more text appeared.

"Well, Andreanna..."

"Would you like to know more about me, besides the fact that I am a killer?"

I had no choice. I said no, but this person on the computer strangely read my mind, which my morbid side wanted to continue.

"My name is _______."

I had to block out the name, because, as Isaac said, he doesn't want his name mentioned.

Soon, I realized that the uppercase meant "_______ SKELETON", and the lowercase was "you must play my game".

"I will see you on Friday the 13th..."

Oh crap. I was doomed.

I will start a blog on October 1. A police will come over to document my blog posts once I die.


[hide]#Sunday, October 1, 2017

  1. Monday, October 2, 2017
  2. Sunday, October 8, 2017
  3. Monday, October 9, 2017
  4. Tuesday, October 10, 2017
  5. Wednesday, October 11, 2017
  6. Thursday, October 12, 2017
  7. Friday, October 13, 2017
  8. Thursday, December 7, 2017
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  10. Friday, April 13, 2018
    1. 4:00 AM
    2. 4:20 AM
    3. 6:00 AM
  11. Aftermath
  12. A Journal from Cassie Landola
  13. Aftermath #2
  14. Summary

Sunday, October 1, 2017EditEdit

Hi, it's Andreanna.

I will mention his name, for the love of God and the skeleton's victims.

The skeleton's name is Papyrus.

[picture of Undertale Papyrus]


[picture of Underfell Papyrus]


I played his game, and he's out to kill me. He killed my friends and family, and I'm next.

-Andreanna The kittylover75

 ==Monday, October 2, 2017Edit==

My grandparents, whom I lived with, are dead, so I had to get ready for school myself. I went to school, and there was a CONDEMNED sign.

The other school (the elementary) was condemned as well. No education for me, all I need is to learn some algrebraic crap myself. I asked the mayor why the schools were condemned. Guess what he said? "He killed them."

'He' was Papyrus, as I had mentioned on the last blog post. (link to previous blog)

I decided to walk around, then I heard screaming. I ran to the source of the sound, and the mayor...


-Andreanna The OH нет NO (I had to sorry)

[The blog post skipped a week.]

Sunday, October 8, 2017EditEdit

Sorry I didn't post for a week. I was having a hard time posting because 'Papyrus' somehow "told" me not to.

And whnen I say "told", I mean he randomly controlled my mind. 

Also, I had TERRIBLE dreams. Dreams of my friends modified to his style, and a boy that could've been Jason (MirroredSun). One time, he even killed me before I woke up. 


It was a dream, sillygoose.

Well, this week is going to be a lot worse.

-Andreanna the Lonely Girl Who Relies on Her Followers to Trust Her

Monday, October 9, 2017EditEdit




...something that I can't mention, otherwise I would get banned from the forums.


Anyway, it was good and bad at the same time. Mostly bad.

. . . y o u   d i r t y   l i t t l e

-Andreanna the MINDF**KED

Tuesday, October 10, 2017EditEdit

Woooooaaaahhh... We got those double digits.


Oh, sorry, didn't see you there.

Your reaction v


Well okay. I woke up again to the exact same thing but better

I think that in my opinion, it gets better every night.

But why? Have I gone insane?

-Andreanna the D I R T Y   L I T T L E

Wednesday, October 11, 2017EditEdit

Wednesday? More like When's the Day Gonna Come FOR THIS TO STOP?!?!?!?!

"No-one knows, Andreanna, no-one knows."

Hate to be rude (it's hard not to when you say this), but no crap Sherlock.

Also, as I said, in my opinion, it gets better every night.

I   O F F I C I A L L Y   A M   A   D I R T Y   L I T T L E

-Andreanna the Who-the-f**k-cares

PS: Before I posted this, I heard a gruff voice tell me not to do it. I DID ANYWAY! HAW HAW HAW! I DO WHAT I WANT

Thursday, October 12, 2017EditEdit


Oh yes I did.

Tomorrow is the night, my sweethearts!

I would like to thank all of my followers and online friends for co-operating with me. 

Especially you, thediamondcupcake from DeviantArt. (IT'S ME, KITTYLOVER75!)

Wait, I think should've said my thanks tomorrow. Oh well, at least better early than never.

Or was it better late then never. I don't think there will be a late.

-Andreanna the Pretty

Friday, October 13, 2017EditEdit

Tonight is the night, my fellow sweetheart kitten BFF sillygoose pal chum buddy homie friends.

I am crying as I type this.

Before I started typing, I heard that same gruff voice from Wednesday tell me the day has come. It is 11:57 PM Central time.

I love you all, my fellow sweethearts. I hope you will miss me.

11:58 PM

freaking jeez

11:59 PM


I love you all, and I will see you next life. I know that if I get reincarnated, I will remember my sweet account.

12:00 AM

See you    n e x t   l i f e .

-Andreanna, Papyrus's next victim

Thursday, December 7, 2017EditEdit

I survived!

God, Jesus, the Angels, and all of the people in Heaven had saved me.

Here are the left of things that happened last night in order:

  • Thrown onto my bed and [ The Stupid Annoying Roblox Content Deleted From 2014 Or Something Like That]
  • Running out of breath
  • Papyrus said in that gruff voice from lastnight and Wednesday "GO TO SLEEP"
  • I fell asleep
  • Had dreams of him throwing me to the wall then killing me
  • Went into a coma and everything that happened from the day I read that note happened, but worse.

I bet that Papyrus will stay with me forever.

"How much do you bet?"

Nothing, it's an expression.

But really, Papyrus might stay with me forever.


P.S: My 13th birthday.


Monday, December 25, 2017EditEdit


Friday, April 13, 2018EditEdit


Another Friday the 13th! Well, Papyrus was with me since Pearl Harbor Day's post.

I am currently on my phone typing this because my laptop broke well well well making another blog post huh

sorry guys he spoke to me when I turned on my Mike just a second papaya rush leave me alone I am doing some thing not until you suck

I had to stop the mic there, it was getting too far.


He stabbed my arm with a sword! MADE OF BONES! And that hurt.

Oh, now he's holding me at gunpoint and threatens to kill me if I don't suck his dick.


Be back soon.... ._.

-Andreanna the Uncomfortably Threatened

4:00 AMEditEdit

That. Was. Well I hate to admit this but IT WAS AMAZING

4:20 AMEditEdit


[Cue Snoop Dogg]

6:00 AMEditEdit

He  held me at gunpoint. AGAIN. This time he didn't tell me to suck his dick. He just looked at me.

"You were great while you lasted, sweetheart."

Goodbye, all you other sweethearts out there. Don't expect me to reply to your comments. 

Here's my info before I leave this galaxy:


-Andreanna, who used to be Papyrus's Sweetheart


Andreanna Ri-Ann Carver, 13, was found dead on her bed. A heart (with a P inside it) was carved on her forehead. She seemed to have dropped dead and had her forehead carved afterwards.


A photo drawn by Cassie Landola via MS Paint

There was a CD on her chest, reading "Rest in peace, Andreanna, my sweetheart..."

A Journal from Cassie LandolaEditEdit

I found a CD on Andreanna's chest. What was written on it was, "Rest in peace, Andreanna, my sweetheart..."

I read her posts, and apparently, Papyrus must be behind this. I put the CD in my computer, and it revealed to be a game.

It started with a Sonic-like intro, but the banners on the title emblem was "Andreanna, R.I.P", and Andreanna was right there. Her eyes were just soulless white. I pressed start, and for a split second, her eyes had just red pupils.

I was playing as "Papyrus". I was stuck in place, I couldn't control him. Andreanna stood in front of him.

"S-Sweetheart... I'm sorry." The screen burst into static, then blood-red text appeared, saying...

"If I was Papyrus's sweetheart, he wouldn't have killed me. Do you agree, Cassie?"

I didn't question how the game knew my name, but still.

An SNES-or-GBA-styled creepy music box played as Andreanna sang with the rhythm.

"Don't you know how I felt Cassie?

I was left to die, you see.

You better run, Cassie.

This isn't the last of me.

I'm working with Papyrus,


I'm dead. And they are here. Here's my info. My name is Cassie Landola, I am 35 years old, and I live at 2 

Aftermath #2EditEdit

Cassie Landola, an investigator who knew about Andreanna's death, died at age 35 from the same cause. A sound recorder was found, and investigators played it. This is what they heard:

"Whoever is hearing this, you're next. This isn't the last you've seen of me or Andreanna..."


Whoever is reading this, you might be next. Sorry to say.

Originally created in Geoshea's Lost Episodes Wiki

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