My brother and I were big fans of Happy Tree Friends. One day, while we were cleaning out the attic, I found a Windows Vista computer. Unaware that it was no longer supported, I took it to my room, plugged it in, and started it up. I found a folder called "HTF." I opened it up and found a file named "HTF KA-POW! Operation: Not Worthy.avi." I clicked it, and it automatically started Windows Media Player. It automatically went in full screen. It went right into the episode without a title.

It started with the Tiger General making plans to declare war on Flippy and his friends. Strangely, he was speaking literal English. After he got done, the Tiger Soliders saluted and said, "Sir, yes sir!" Then, it fades to Flippy, sitting on the grass with Sneaky, Mouse KaBoom, and someone who Mondo Media haven't introduced... a slate-blue cat named Freezy. Freezy twitches her ear and says, "I think I hear marching from somewhere..." Flippy looks to the left and sees the Tiger General leading the Tiger Soliders somewhere. Normal episode so far... He turns around and notices Flippy, Sneaky, Mouse KaBoom, and Freezy. He marches towards them. "Oh no..." Freezy cries. "Not again!" Sneaky whines. Flippy and Mouse Kaboom look confident, but have a little anger in their eyes. In fact, they were red. "Attack!" the Tiger General shouted. Then it cuts to static. "Aww man!" I screamed. My brother looked at me.

The static disappeared, and showed every Tiger Solider, dead. Their carcasses showed that they were murdered in a brutal way. I shrugged it off because Happy Tree Friends has brutal deaths. Two more unintroduced characters were Freezy's pet kittens, Fluffy and Liberty. They walk over to Freezy. They start to meow (probably because they're hungry). 

It cut to static again, and then it disappears to the Tiger General's lair door. The alarm flashed blood-red instead of the normal red, and it opened to Freezy. The screen goes to first-person view (Freezy's vision), and it shows Tiger General hanging from a noose. Fluffy and Liberty tore his legs off and started to eat them. Freezy started to scream. The screen blurred, then did an eye-shut effect to black.

A few seconds later, it shows Freezy hanging from a noose, right beside Tiger General. My brother started crying because Freezy was pretty much his favorite character (he thought she was hot). The shot stayed there for about 3 minutes, then it showed Mouse KaBoom, Sneaky, and Flippy dead. They were murdered in a more brutal way than Happy Tree Friends could handle. It cut to static, and the episode ended.

The next day, I saw my brother, dead in his room. He had a shotgun beside him. On the wall, was a writing on his own blood. It said:

"He had sacrificed himself for me and Freezy.

-Tiger General"