I am a big fan of Mario. Lets go to the year 2012 shall we? It was 2012. I was on my computer On YouTube looking for some awesome videos till one came up in a recommended part saying M.A.R.I.O. Death Found Footage. I didn't know about this episode or the footage so I clicked it. It was made in 2009. It Started on black for 10 seconds. It then shows an image of Mario and Peach. They looked creepy.

Creepy Mario and Peach

The scary image of Mario and Peach

I wasn't able to read those messages in blood. It showed a Word saying MARIO. It cut to static and showed footage of Mario walking into a room. It was dark. Before he closed the door, it cut to static. Screaming was heard. It cuts To Bowser murdering the Koopalings. Blood gushed everywhere. It cut to static. It then showed Peach Holding a gun and a knife. She shot herself. I'm not kidding. She did shoot herself. Peach's eyes pop out and bloody messages show up. I couldn't read them. She then takes a knife and put it in her mouth. It cuts to static. It shows an Image or Mario holding a Knife and Aiming it at Luigi. A message said The End during the Image. I won't watch this video again. The next morning I checked if it was up. It was gone. I typed the title up again. It didn't show up. I dont have to deal with this!